The Yeomen of the Guard

April 15 & 22, 2023
Norwalk Concert Hall
2:30 and 7:30 pm
Stage Director: Nancy Meyer
Music Director: Zachary Kampler

Meet the Yeomen Cast

Cast of Yeomen

Elsie Maynard —      Christina Kampler
Jack Point —             Greg Suss
Phoebe Meryll —     Ria Ipa
Sgt Meryll —             David Schancupp
Leonard Meryll —    Tyler Panek
Lieutenant —            Alan Briones
Col. Fairfax —            James Ring-Howell
Dame Carruthers — Marian Shulman
Wilfred Shadbolt — Mark Callahan
Kate —                       Rhianna Ring-Howell
First Yeoman —        Rob Strom
Second Yeoman —   Jim Cooper
Headsman —            Mat Young

Melinda Bauers, Vicki Cooper, Laura Heckman, Miki Nakahata, Paul Chernysh, Marisa Schafer, Lea Kessler Shaw, Maribeth Johnson, Rob Strom, Jim Cooper, Jeffrey Rossman,  Bill Abbott, Ben Dussault, Bill Kenyon, Sam Harris, John Hoover, Sam Carbino, Neil Leinwand, Rachel Lese, Regina Perry, Kenneth Skjeveland, Katie Suss.

About the Show

Our Spring 2023 production will be Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Yeomen of the Guard, a show that takes place around the Tower of London in the sixteenth century. The characters feature a men’s chorus in full Beefeater regalia (as well as a mixed chorus of townspeople).

The Yeomen of the Guard is one of Gilbert and Sullivan’s proudest achievements. Set at the Tower of London in the early 16th century, the story is about the Yeomen who guard the Tower, and a travelling jester and singer who come through to entertain the residents.

The music is some of Sullivan’s finest, adding an additional bassoon and bass trombone to his usual instrumental ensemble. The choral and solo writing is gorgeous to hear and thrilling to sing.

And Gilbert’s story is not one of “topsy-turvydom,” but a gentle romantic comedy with a moving ending.

The story revolves around Jack Point and Elsie, a wisecracking travelling jester and his lovely singing partner who get caught up in the drama of the Meryll family: the Merylls are trying to save their valiant Yeoman friend Fairfax from being beheaded.