Gondoliers cast page

, Cast of characters

  • Marco Palmieri  –Elias Levy
  • Giuseppe Palmieri — Alan Briones
  • Antonio — Charles Mays
  • Franceso  — Liam Aldredge
    Giorgio — Kenneth Skjeveland
  • Annibale (speaking) — Jeff Rossman
  • Don Alhambra del Bolero  -The Grand Inquisitor —Greg Suss
  • Duke of Plaza-Toro James Ring-Howell
  • Duchess of Plaza-Toro – Melinda Bauers
  • Luiz – their attendant Tyler Panek
  • Casilda – Sarah Brown
  • Gianetta –Rhianna Ring-Howell
  • Tessa  – Ayla Shively
  • Fiametta – Ariana Keller
  • Vittoria —  Ria Ipa
  • Inez (the King’s foster mother) Maribeth Johnson


Jenna Choszczyk, Ariana Keller, Miki Nakahata, Laura Heckman, Lea Kessler-Shaw,  Rob Strom, Liam Aldredge, Jim Cooper, Jeffrey Rossman, Bill Abbott, Ben Dussault, Mark Callahan, Bill Kenyon, John Matilaine.


We will be using the Schirmer Gondoliers score.

Alternatively, there is a corrected edition on the G&S Archive you can order here. Its pagination differs from the Schirmer but the multitudinous errors have been corrected.