Chorus Practice Files for Troupers Concert

Note: All of the links below take you to practice files at, created by the Durham Savoyards.   You will get an error message about the safety of the first link you try. This occurs because their security certificate has expired. It is perfectly safe to use the files, however.

  • HMS Pinafore
    • 8. I am the monarch of the seas
    • 9. When I was a lad.
  • Patience
    • 2. I cannot tell what this love may be.
    • 3. The soldiers of our queen/ If you want a receipt
  • Gondoliers
    • 15. Dance a cachucha
  • Iolanthe
    • 16. When Britain really ruled the waves
  • The Mikado
    • 2. A wand’ring minstrel 
    • 7. Three little maids