Auditions for “The Gondoliers”
or, The King of Barataria

Auditions by appointment: fill out this form

Stage Director: Nancy Meyer
Music Director: Zachary Kampler

There will be 4 performances, matinee and evening on April 6 and 13, 2024 at Norwalk Concert Hall.

An international intrigue, a kidnapping, a royal mix-up, two Gondoliers, three wives, six lovers, a browbeaten Duke, restoration of a joint king to one throne… it’s too much happiness! And too much fun!!!

Announcing auditions for Troupers’ production of The Gondoliers, a joyous, witty, and timeless Victorian musical comedy by Gilbert & Sullivan, the team that brought us The Pirates of Penzance and HMS Pinafore!

Rehearsals will begin in January, in Stamford. All roles are unpaid.

  • Professionally conducted orchestra
  • Fully staged production, professional stage director and choreographer

About The Gondoliers

The Gondoliers is Gilbert’s bow to Sullivan. With settings in both Venice and Spain, Sullivan had the opportunity to compose some spectacularly tuneful music, with more dancing than in any of the previous shows.

The story starts with two popular young Gondolier brothers (Marco and Giuseppe) playing a fake game of “blind man’s bluff” to pretend to choose their sweethearts (Gianetta and Tessa), whom they promptly marry.

Meanwhile, the Duke, Duchess, and their daughter Casilda (who will become Queen) along with their attendant Luiz  arrive to try to find the heir to the throne, knowing only that he is a Gondolier.

But Don Alhambra interrupts the wedding  festivities to tell them that one of them is actually the King of Barataria, although he isn’t sure which. Their missing nursemaid will know, however. So they set off to Barataria, where they will rule jointly until this is decided.  How it is decided, well that’s the play…

Cast of characters

  • Marco Palmieri (tenor) –Elias Levy
  • Giuseppe Palmieri (baritone) Alan Briones
  • Antonio
  • Franceso (Tenor) — Gondolieri
  • Giorgio (Bass)
  • Annibale (speaking)
  • Don Alhambra del Bolero (baritone) -The Grand Inquisitor —Greg Suss
  • Duke of Plaza-Toro James Ring-Howell
  • Duchess of Plaza-Toro – Melinda Bauers
  • Luiz (tenor) – their attendant Tyler Panek
  • Casilda (soprano) – Sarah Brown
  • Gianetta (soprano) –Rhianna Ring-Howell
  • Tessa (mezzo) – Ayla Shively
  • Fiametta – Ariana Keller
  • Vittoria —  Contadina
  • Guilia
  • Inez (the King’s foster mother) Maribeth Johnson

Chorus of Gondoliers and Contadine



Are by appointment.

Use this form  to request an audition.

To audition for a principal role, please prepare a songs in English, in the style of the operetta. Bring sheet music. An accompanist will be provided.

All ages and levels are welcome to sing in the chorus. Just come by and sing something you know for us.

We will be using the Schirmer score for this production. You can download it here 

It is currently available on Amazon.

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