Kittiwake Island.

Music by Alec Wilder
Book and Lyrics by Arnold Sundgard

Originally performed Off Broadway in 1955

Orlando Puffin – Professor of Ornithology (in love with Lydia)

Lydia Sparrow – Professor of English (in love with Orlando)

Hobie Merganser – Professor of Physics (in love with Lydia)

Girl Scholars

  • Kestrel Grebe
  • Jenny Wren
  • Anne Vireo
  • Lucy Larkin
  • Robin O’Day

Boy Scholars

  • Keith Brant
  • Coot Johnson
  • Cory Sanderling
  • Rusty Swallow
  • Jay Byrd

Ornithologist Orlando Puffin comes to the deserted (he thinks!) Kittiwake Island in search of the smew, a rare bird Audubon reported, but which has never been seen. Unfortunately, a class of Girl Scholars arrive as well, let by Professor Lydia Sparrow, to study The Tempest. Lydia actually came because she followed Orlando.

Then to balance out the couple ratio, five Boy Scholars appear, led by Prof Hobie Merganser, who studies tides and drifts (but is really following Lydia.

Will they find the smew and become famous? Will the love triangle work out?  Will they leave Kittiwake? That’s the story, framed by Alec Wilder’s rich and lovely music.

Music Numbers

Act One

1 Robinson Crusoe Orlando
2 It doesn’t look deserted Kestrel, Jenny, Anne, Lucy, Robin
3 Can this be a toeprint? Orlando
4 Good Morning Dr Puffin Lydia
5 If love’s like a lark Orlando and Lydia
6 The smew song Orlando, Lydia, Girl Scholars
7 Never try too hard Lydia
8 The Lesser Antilles Keith, Coot, Cory, Rusty, Jay
9 Good Morning Dr Sparrow Hobie
9b I delight in the sight Hobie
10 Who do you think you’re kidding? Ensemble
11 Nothing is working quite right Orlando, Lydia, Hobie

Act Two

12 Don’t give up the hunt, Dr Puffin! Lydia, Hobie, Ensemble
13 When one deems a lady sweet Hobie and Boy Scholars
14 So raise the banner high Ensemble
15 Oceanography and old astronomy Keith
16 It’s so easy to say Ensemble
17 Reprise: If love’s like a lark Orlando and Lydia
18 Finale: Kittiwake Island Ensemble