Ruddigore rehearsal files

  1. Fair is Rose– Zorah and chorus
  2. Sir Rupert Murgatroyd -Hannah
  3. If somebody there chanced to be – Rose
  4. I know a youth (Rose and Robin)
  5. From the briny sea (Chorus and RIchard)
  6. Hornpipe
  7. My boy, you may take it from me (Robin and RIchard)
  8. The battle’s roar is over (Richard and Rose)
  9. If well his suit has sped (chorus)
  10. In sailing o’er life’s ocean wide (Rose, Robin, RIchard)
  11. Cheerily carols the lark (Margaret)
  12. Welcome gentry (chorus)
  13. Oh why am I moody and sad (Despard)
  14. You understand (Richard and Despard)
  15. Act I Finale Part 1 (mm 1-167)   Part 2 (Gavotte to end)
  16. I once was as meek (Robin and Adam)
  17. Happily coupled are we (Rose, RIchard, chorus)
  18. In bygone days (Rose, RIchard, Robin, chorus)
  19. Painted emblems of a race (chorus, Robin, Roderic)
  20. When the night wind howls (Roderic and chorus)
  21. He yields (Chorus and Robin)
  22. Away remorse (Robin)
  23. I once was a very abandoned person (Margaret and Despard)
  24. My eyes are fully open (Robin, Margaret, Despard)
  25. Melodrama
  26. There grew a little flower (Hannah and Roderic)

27. When a man has been a naughty baronet