Short Attention Span Plot Summaries

by Jim Cooper

The Mikado

Tatty Titipu trombone tootling Troubadour tells tailor of temptation to troth. Tremendous Titan threatens trio; then tailor tricks Terror to thrill to his touch.


Rational Rose risks ridicule with reliance on written rules. Retiring Robin responds, but wretched Richard reveals Robin as Ruthven. Robin replaces rascally rogue of Ruddigore but resolves riddle.

HMS Pinafore

Stalwart sailor seeks salt’s scion as spouse. Secretive snack seller scotches stuffy statesman’s scheme. Sailor succeeds.

Trial By Jury

Lost lover litigates against languid Lothario. Legal leader leaps laughingly to wedlock.

Pirates of Penzance

Peerless post-pubescent pirate proposes to progeny of pompous patter-singing panjandrum. Preposterous pandemonium prevails.

The Sorcerer

Foolish fiancé forces philter on friends at feast.
Frantic fickle folk force fakir to frustrate fallacious fondness.


Sweet shepherdess’s swain, Strephon, is son of sylvan sprite.
Solitary single solons seek shepherdess as spouse,
Supreme satrap solves subtle statute situation.

Princess Ida

Proud Princess puts Prince’s plans in peril.
Pompous patriarch pits paladins against popinjays.
Prince placates Princess and prospers.

Die Fledermaus

Flighty Falke fools fatuous fellow with faux friends.
Folks find farceur’s fraud funny.
Friends are forgiven.

The Yeomen of the Guard

Prancing popinjay promises to propose to peregrinating partner.
Prisoner pretends to be progeny and as proud pike man presses his plight.
Plan’s penetration perturbs performers.