The Yeoman Score Project

In 2018, an Australian musician with the initials “jh” and a user id of “Fishwerks” created a complete orchestral score for Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Yeomen of the Guard. He is otherwise anonymous. You can see his original score here, with our inclusion of the dialog pages:

The score was part of his Ph.D. project, where he prepared an annotated version of the same score. But since, at the time, there was no other published full score he created that score and posted it for everyone’s use.

However, he did not provide corresponding orchestra parts. But since the score was in PDF form, it was theoretically possible  use music scanning software, such as PhotoScore to create MusicXML flles and import them into music software. That is the goal of this “Yeomen score project.” Over time, we hope to create a complete score and parts for everyone’s use. 

While we used the FIshwerks score as our source, we did make some changes in the layout to make the score more readable on an 8-1/2 X 11 page. All of the wind and brass instruments except oboe are paired with 2 parts each. In the score, we have put both voices on a single staff for each instrument, but in the parts, the are separated into two staves to make it easier on the players. We also used our version of the piano vocal score to simplify entering the lyrics.

We have carefully proofread each score, but we welcome notes of any corrections.
Send them to jim at labsoftware dot com.