The Yeomen of the Guard

Auditions Tuesday and Wednesday November 1 and 2, 2022
Union Memorial Church
58 Church St, Stamford, CT

Stage Director: Nancy Meyer
Music Director: Zachary Kampler

There will be 4 performances, matinee and evening on April 15 and 22, 2023 at Norwalk Concert Hall.

The Yeomen of the Guard is one of Gilbert and Sullivan’s proudest achievements. Set at the Tower of London in the early 16th century, the story is about the Yeomen who guard the Tower, and a travelling jester and singer who come through to entertain the residents.

The music is some of Sullivan’s finest, adding an additional bassoon and bass trombone to his usual instrumental ensemble. The choral and solo writing is gorgeous tohear and thrilling to sing.

And Gilbert’s story is not one of “topsy-turvydom,” but a gentle romantic comedy with a moving ending.

 Cast of characters

Elsie Maynard (soprano) a strolling singer
Dame Carruthers (contralto)-housekeeper of the Tower
Kate (soprano)- her niece
Jack Point (baritone)- a travelling jester
Sergeant Meryll (baritone) –of the Yeomen of the Guard
Phoebe Meryll (mezzo) his daughter
Leonard Meryll (tenor)his son, recently joining the Yeomen.
Sir Richard Cholmondeley (baritone)-Lieutenant of the Tower
Colonel Fairfax (tenor) under sentence of death
Wilfred Shadbolt (bass) –Head jailer and assistant tormentor

Second Yeomen  (tenor) 
First Yeoman (baritone)

Chorus of townspeople (SATB)
Chorus of Yeomen (TB)

First Citizen (speaking role)
Second Citizen (speaking role)
Headsman (non-speaking role)

We will be using the Schirmer score (available on Amazon) but you can look at a PDF of the entire vocal score here.

Please bring proof of COVID vaccination to first rehearsal if you didn;t audition already.